Some of the services we provide…


Some of our customers require us to deliver goods which we then unwrap, assemble and place in a variety of settings.


For some customers we offer servicing, fault finding and replacement of equipment nationwide to keep things running smoothly.


Some customers require deliveries plus additional onsite assembly work, in the areas of furniture, retail units and hospital equipment.


Some customers require delivery and assembly of their goods, followed by a demonstration on how to use or operate the product. Our operatives can be trained to carry out these demonstrations extending the correct product knowledge to the customers at point of delivery, relieving pressure on in-house sales and technical teams.

Onsite Engineer Support 

Some customers use our operatives to deliver their goods and then work with their in-house installation or technical teams. They work as support where another pair of hands or some simple assistance removes the need for extra highly qualified personel onsite, extending the team and enabling extra projects to be undertaken.

These services can be purchased on an hourly, daily or weekly rate with overnight stays as required.

When working in challenging environments where enhanced levels of security are required, we organise any additional security checks as required.


Some customers train our operatives in-house or at a third party site, to carry out installation work across multiple industrial sectors including temporary ventilation and fume extraction and specialist hospital and care equipment assembly.

To arrange a telephone consultation or an appointment to discuss your individual onsite requirements, please call
0800 2 335 446 or

For larger scale business organisations please contact us through Cogent Intelligent Resource for total tailored business solutions with brand integrity.


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